Our Brands

In our platform, we respect the history and the strength of the regional brands acquired by DGH Foods, maintaining their essence and original values. After all, these companies have been in the market for over half a century, thanks to the quality of the products and the sound relationships, preserving tradition.

Our leading brands are:

Since 1964, Pink is part of consumers’ lives in the State of Minas Gerais! For more than 55 years, the brand became a tradition in the houses of thousands of families in the region.

Pink’s history was consolidated by its strong presence in the beans market; however, Pink currently operates in the dry grocery market offering different products, such as black beans, purple beans, flours, popcorn, chickpeas, cornmeal, and manioc starch, among others.

Operating in the market for more than 50 years, Hikari is one of the best-known brands in the dry grocery market in the State of São Paulo.

Established in 1965, Hikari is one of the great names in the retail food market in several categories, such as spices, dressings, grains, and starchy products.

The company was also a pioneer in launching innovative products that would be an outstanding success, such as the microwave oven popcorn bags.

The entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that guides Hikari’s actions for over half a century explains the brand’s sustainable and lasting success.

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Operating in the food service market since 2007, the Apetite brand is consolidated in large corporate food networks, in addition to small- and medium-size clients throughout Brazil, such as restaurants and snack bars.

Apetite has an ideal mix of products that facilitates the management and increases kitchen productivity, continuously innovating and dialoguing with our clients to improve efficiency and profitability.

With an excellent cost per serving, the brand can meet the needs of several types of kitchens through customized packaging, which facilitates the stock operations and clients’ menu.

Operating in the dairy market for more than ten years, the Supralac brand offers a wide range of solutions for food service, ice-cream shops, pastry shops, and bakeries.

Supralac prepares the milk compounds using selected raw materials, with excellent performance and affordable prices; however, preserving the refined milk flavor.

Supralac provides a versatile range of applications, from ice creams to bread, desserts, and creams, among others. The user-friendly packs avoid waste and facilitate stock management.

Thanks to its high-quality products, the brand has clients from the North to the South of Brazil, serving ice-cream shops, pastry shops, bakeries, and several other commercial establishments.

Matprim is a renowned brand in the flavor market for food and beverage industries, operating with excellence and technical qualification to develop the best solutions for our clients’ businesses.

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